About Divido

We are building the world's largest platform for point-of-sale finance.

Who we are

Divido is a global white label software platform for retailers, lenders and payment intermediaries that want to offer point-of-purchase finance to consumers; either to improve their current solution or to introduce it for the first time. Divido has been licenced by 100+ retailers, lenders and payment intermediaries such as BMW, BNP and Shopify since 2015 and is now live in 10 countries.

What we've built

- Retailers licence the platform to manage multiple lenders and finance products in one or more countries via a single interface to increase accept rates and conversion.

- Lenders licence the platform to protect and grow existing retailer relationships, neutralising the threat from new entrants in the space without having to build or maintain any of the front-end technology in-house.

- Payment intermediaries licence the platform to complement their existing payment options, getting global coverage and increase the overall volume they process.


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