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Our brand is so much more than simply how it looks and feels; it reflects what we say and how we talk about ourselves; how we grow the company and build our team, along with the internal culture; and how we wish to be perceived by our partners. It was Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who said: ‘Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.’ 


Where so much of today’s business can be built on reputation and word of mouth, brand, in the non-cynical sense, can be the projection that does the talking for us when we can’t be there to do it ourselves – when we can’t be in the room.


With that in mind, we felt it was time to refresh our brand as we move forward with our mission to transform retail finance.


Our journey


Divido has come a long way since 2014, when the company was incorporated.


We started out focussed on SMEs and lender panels, with a view to boosting customer payment options at the point of sale for small businesses. We saw significant growth as Divido provided the technology to enable those businesses to do the same.


But as time passed, new market entrants disrupted the retail finance space and began to eat into the profits of traditional lenders and global enterprises. It was at this stage that we saw a new opportunity for faster growth and increased innovation.


So, in 2018, we took the bold decision to disrupt the disruptors and work with global banks and world-leading retailers to put them back in the retail finance game to reclaim their share of this $1.8 trillion opportunity.


Our company name remained but our proposition changed. We began to offer a whitelabel platform to our new partners that, along with our extensive knowledge and expertise, delivered an omnichannel, multi-product solution that could get them to market, fast.


As we developed our technology to meet the increased demands from these world-leading organisations, in 2020 we felt it was time to refocus, reposition and rebrand what we did, as we transformed retail finance.


All dressed up with somewhere to go


That refocus gave pause to think about what our brand should be; for us, as a business, as a team and for our partners.


Our heritage was important, so we held on to our logo, which had carried us through six strong years. We, therefore, placed this at the centre of the rebrand, for continued recognition, as things shifted and evolved around it.


As a starting point for change, the brand needed to represent the companies we work with; the lenders, retailers and payment partners, so not only have we done this visually; through colour and graphical alignment, we have also created a personalised experience across the entire brand and, in turn, the new website.


Now, the site not only delivers an enhanced user experience for visitors but is also the first showcase for our new messaging and positioning, to reinforce our purpose, as we start to roll out further content across our channels.


And it is our hope that, with our new brand in place, as we leave the proverbial room we do so with clarity and an invitation to join the next party.

Learn more about how Divido is transforming retail finance.

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