Merchant unlocks new market with Divido Connect’s Split Capability

Bridget Forrester


Bridget Forrester
Product Marketing Executive

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For years a leading home heating company has been working with Divido to offer its customers flexible finance. The merchant, specialising in boilers, air-conditioning units, EV chargers, and now solar panels, knows firsthand that these products are costly and often require considerable thought before buying. 


Having a checkout finance solution has made a huge impact on its customers. In fact, 40% of its total business is generated by retail finance. So when it introduced solar panels to its product line, it wanted to offer checkout finance to drive these sales and to remain competitive in the market. 


However, its lender didn’t lend in the solar panel space. 


Fortunately, as a Divido Connect customer, the merchant didn’t have to rely on just one lender. Using Split Capability it was able to easily connect to another lender in the Divido Network that does lend on solar panels, and split its products between finance providers. 


As this merchant was already using the Divido Connect platform, the technical integration of the second lender was seamless and required little engineering work from their end allowing it to be up and running in just a few days.


Divido’s whitelabel platform means the merchant can manage its checkout finance solution all under its brand for a frictionless customer experience. An important factor to remain in control of the entire journey, and maintain its 4.9 Trustpilot score.


The Divido Merchant Portal makes it easy for the merchant to view and manage all applications in one central location, no matter the lender or sales channel the finance application comes through. Sales staff also use the Merchant Portal to initiate and take payment for finance applications via telesales.

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Through Divido Connect, this merchant was able to seamlessly integrate two lenders into its checkout finance solution. Unlocking the Split Capability has enabled coverage across the entire product line, something that would’ve been impossible with just one lender.

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