Could your Buy Now, Pay Later solution be working harder?

Reduce friction and build trust at the checkout with Divido's latest research report.

If you've implemented Buy Now, Pay Later at the checkout, Divido's new whitepaper will show you how to drive more sales, greater trust and higher customer loyalty…

6 tips to optimise your checkout finance journey

Divido’s latest research has uncovered some common consumer concerns when it comes to using Buy Now, Pay Later at the checkout.


Our new best practice guide shows you where these concerns stem from and what your business should be doing to address them.

Build trust, maximise sales and win repeat business

In six steps, we’ll show you how to optimise your checkout finance journey from start-to-finish, so you can reduce friction and build trust.


By the end of this whitepaper, you’ll understand:

  • Where Buy Now, Pay Later applications fall down, and how to prevent this
  • How your consumers prefer to do business, and what you can do to meet their expectations
  • When to go above and beyond, and why this will benefit your consumers

Time for Merchants, Lenders and Platform Providers to work together

Our whitepaper builds the case for retailers to work together with their lenders and platform providers to build an end-to-end strategy that benefits the consumer.



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In six easy steps, discover how to reduce friction and build trust at the checkout

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