Warmth Now, Pay Later

Offer your customers finance plans up to 10 years with Divido, the whitelabel platform powering retail finance for the home heating and boiler sector

10-year finance with flexible APR

Choose an APR mix that best suits your revenue. 0% APR available up to two years.

20% uplift on sales revenue

Divido delivers sector-specific solutions. Get rid of low-value Buy Now, Pay Later and start offering boiler finance up to £25,000.

100% your brand at the checkout

Divido’s whitelabel platform lets you lend finance under your own brand. We power the journey, so you can focus on building customer relationships.

Now more than ever, customers need options when it comes to financing their new boiler, home heating and EV charging equipment.

Divido is the finance platform for boilers, home heating and EV charging merchants

Divido’s secure, highly-configurable retail finance platform is backed by trusted lenders with experience in the boiler, home heating and EV charging markets.


With Divido, you can start offering retail finance at the checkout, safe in the knowledge your credit options are underwritten by trusted and established lenders.


Increase your sales, empower your customers

A recent survey by Which? found one-third of British households couldn’t afford to replace their boiler if it broke down. And yet, this winter 1–3% of households will need to do just that.


With Divido, your business can give customers the choice of interest-free and interest-bearing loans at the point of sale. They can purchase their new boiler, have it installed, then pay it back over as little as 12 months or as long 10 years. 


Meanwhile, your business receives the full balance from the lender on the day of purchase – meaning no shortfall in cash flow. We’ve helped other clients in the home heating space triple their sales in five years. Could we do the same for you?

Own your solution. Own your customers.

Why clutter your payment journey with third-party logos? With Divido, you can host your whole finance journey under your own brand name.



Build consumer trust, increase brand awareness and improve your odds of repeat custom when you choose Divido’s whitelabel platform.

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Why choose Divido?

Soft credit search

The Divido platform runs a soft search search on the consumer to make sure they can afford the loan. Loans are underwritten by Tier One lenders who are compliant with regulation.

Easy repayments


The lender pays you the full value of the product after installation and certification of the products, so you won’t need to worry about collecting repayments yourself. 

Ship to any address


Divido acts as an extension to your existing e-commerce programme, offering a new payment gateway at your checkout. This means you can offer finance to anyone, anywhere.

You're in control

The Divido Merchant Portal lets you run your retail finance campaign the way you want. Choose the length of finance plans you want to offer, set minimum deposit and maximum spend limits, then see real-time performance of your transactions. Your team can configure finance plans in under a minute. If you need help or advice, our support team are always on-hand to assist you.

Start your boiler finance programme today

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