Can Buy Now, Pay Later be a force for good during the cost of living crisis?

Lend for good, partner for success, and gain a competitive advantage with Divido's latest whitepaper.

Responsible lending during a cost of living crisis can be tricky. Divido's new whitepaper will give you the tools to operate ethically, support customers in difficult positions, and avoid public relations pitfalls...

Lend for good

With three top tips to help your customers make the purchases they need at a time when they need them most. 


Our new best practice guide teaches you how to position retail finance to maximise its benefits to your customers. 

A winning strategy

Our best practice guide teaches you how to gain a competitive advantage while protecting your customers from financial harm.



Learn why innovation can help your business not only to survive, but to thrive in the cost-of-living crisis. Understand how to:



  • Find extra headroom by capitalising on opportunities for growth
  • Give your customers more of what they want 
  • Maximise the efficiency of your spending.

Partner for success

Not all retail finance providers are created equally. How can you be sure your partnership will be sustainable, profitable, and ethical?


We show you how to be diligent when choosing your checkout finance solution. 


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Be a force for good during the cost of living crisis.

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