What do shoppers think of checkout finance?

From spending habits to trust issues, Divido's new white paper explores how consumers are using finance – and what they think of it…

55% of consumers now say they feel comfortable paying with checkout finance, with 58% agreeing it can help them manage their finances – but that's only the beginning…

What do consumers think about checkout finance?

Based on a representative survey of 2,000 people in the UK, Divido has uncovered not only how people are using checkout finance (also known as Buy Now, Pay Later), but what they think of it.


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Where do the opportunities lie?

By analysing the data, Divido has uncovered key demographic splits among checkout finance users. Download your copy today to uncover vital learnings, such as:



  • While 62% of women would spend more if they knew checkout finance was an option, only 45% of men agree
  • As many as 95% of consumers who have shopped with checkout finance in the past say they would be open to using it again
  • Older generations are key detractors of checkout finance, with only 13% saying they look for finance at the checkout
Pie charts showing sentiment towards personal savings (65%), Credit cards (61%) and checkout finance (50%)

Do customers trust checkout finance?

Perhaps the most vital question is whether customers trust checkout finance – in other words, whether they believe it can be a payment method that complements their lives.


The outlook seems to be positive, with 55.8% of shoppers saying they feel comfortable shopping with checkout finance. But with 26.1% saying they don’t feel comfortable, what can lenders and merchants do to increase trust in their finance programmes?

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