Finance Matcher

Increase UK finance acceptance rates by matching
customers with finance plans

Finance Matcher matches your customers with finance they can afford, so we say “yes” more often


When consumers pay with retail finance, some set monthly payments too high by choosing plan terms that are too short or deposits that are too low. Traditionally this could mean declined applications. 


Many of these customers could have been accepted if they had simply chosen a different plan with lower monthly payment amounts. 


Finance Matcher is a Divido feature enabled by Novuna that can give customers a second chance to choose a plan that best suits their affordability.


  • More UK finance applications accepted 
  • Customers understand finance options better
  • Works online, in-store, and by phone
  • Never suggests a plan that increases merchant costs
FInance Matcher customer journey

How does it work?

Soft credit checks leave no trace

Soft credit checks decide how successful your customer’s application would be without a full credit history review. As they are not visible, they won’t impact credit scores or any future credit applications.


Soft declines turn into accepts

After a standard soft credit check, Novuna decides the maximum monthly payment amount it can offer consumers. Any consumer who applies for more than this is soft declined. Next, Finance Matcher kicks in to show the consumer plans that they can afford. Consumers who cannot afford any plan will be declined. 


Accepted customers can adjust monthly payments

Shoppers who pass the soft credit check are given the option to see other affordable plans. Customers don’t have to look at these matched plans. They can continue to complete their application. Changing plans is easy, and no footprint is left on the consumer credit file until a final decision is made.

Finance Matcher_soft decline options