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Meet the team

Todd Latham 

Chief Executive Officer


Todd Latham is CEO of Divido. Speak to Todd to learn why Divido’s checkout finance platform is a win-win-win for lenders, merchants and consumers, particularly in today’s economic climate.

Gareth Lloyd-Owen Divido Headshot

Gaz Lloyd-Owen

Chief Product Officer


Gaz heads up our award winning platform. Speak to Gaz to learn about our new multi-market product, enabling checkout finance in the UK and EU via a single integration. 

Edo Volta

Edo Volta

Chief Revenue Officer


Edo is spearheading our sales strategy. Chat to Edo to learn about our network of Tier One lenders, our PSP partnership programme, and what white label retail finance platform can do for you.

Marcello Divido

Marcello Silvestri 

Senior Sales Director


Marcello directs our lender sales strategy. Book a meeting with Marcello to find out how Europe’s biggest lenders use our white label retail finance platform to support their merchants.

Trusted by banks, lenders

and over 1,000 merchants


Do consumer trust checkout finance?

The answer is simple: Yes. 


That’s according to our latest research report, which reveals key insights into how people are using checkout finance in 2023, and how they feel about it.


Based on a representative survey of 2,000 people in the UK, we’ve discovered that:


  • 55% of consumers now say they feel comfortable paying with checkout finance
  • 58% agree it can help them manage their finances
  • 95% of people who have used checkout finance would use it again.

4 ways retail finance can help banks boost customer engagement

Retail finance is a strategic opportunity for banks. This type of lending can boost a lender’s engagement with their merchants and provide a(n):

  • new revenue stream
  • competitive advantage
  • improved experience for the end consumer
  • better data and insights.

Divido’s Senior Sales Director for Lenders, Marcello Silvestri, explains how.

Mobile phone displaying checkout screen with pay in instalment finance options

Make checkout finance a first thought, not an afterthought


Merchants can now grow sales across Europe by adding retail finance to all their points of sale with one seamless solution.


Chat to the team to learn more.

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