The Ultimate Guide to Launching
Checkout Finance

Everything you need to know to
create a winning checkout finance strategy

Learn how to advertise, optimise and market your checkout finance solution with actionable insights...


How do I prepare my website?

From finance calculators to FAQs, to refunds and calculations, we share best practice examples so you can prepare your website for checkout finance.


Learn exactly what to include and tick tasks off as you go with our checklist. Download the guide today.

How can I optimise my retail finance programme?

How do you get the most out of your solution? One answer is to ensure retail finance does not cannibalise your existing payment methods. But how do you do this?



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  • Where to advertise in your customer journey
  • Why you should always set minimum spend limits
  • How to know if your solution is working

How can I increase my accept rate?

To maximise your retail finance programme, you’ll need to target the right customers at the right price points, which means getting the right mix of payment products.


You can do this with a multi-lender platform or a few well chosen providers. But how else?


Learn how to boost your accept rate to grow your finance volumes by downloading the guide today.


Learn everything you need to know about checkout finance

The ultimate guide to launching checkout finance

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