Accept more customers with Divido's multi-lender technology.

How multi-lender works

By connecting to multiple lenders, Divido delivers higher accept rates and lower fees for your customers. Our multi-lender approach connects your customers with several, competing lenders so that if an application is declined, there are multiple lenders ready to step in. If finance is not a suitable option for the customer, we will also offer a backup payment option, reducing drop off even further.



Multiple lenders

ApprovedAlternative payment

Deposit, contracts and shipping

Increase accept rates

At Divido, we've put customer conversion and experience at the heart of our platform and built a user journey that not only fits seamlessly into your checkout process, but also provides multiple options for getting your customers the finance they need.

Alternative payment

With other point-of-sale finance suppliers, if a customer is declined for finance, their journey and intention to buy with you, ends there. Divido's intuititve technology will always present an alternative payment option, reducing dropp off and retaining the relationship with your customer.


Selling internationally? No problem - one simple integration means you can offer Divido in multi-currency, covering multiple markets.


Divido works wherever your customers want to buy - online, in-store or via mobile.

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