retail finance
for lenders

Build and scale a retail finance programme, fast, with
a proven
solution and industry-leading expertise.


a whitelabel platform for the future of retail finance

At Divido, we power the retail finance programmes of some of the world’s leading lenders and banks.


Forward-thinking lenders who understand the $1.8 trillion global retail finance opportunity trust us to partner with them and get them to market, fast.


With our proven whitelabel solution, lenders can deliver omnichannel, multi-product retail finance to their retailer clients, worldwide, putting them back in control and ahead of new market entrants.

How lenders work with us



why lenders work
with us



capability from a single integration, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple platforms



capability allows fast response to changes and control across the entire retail finance journey

trusted expertise

trusted expertise

that guides you from launch to
scale, with our team's
market-leading knowledge



solution delivers a seamless brand experience and retains control of your customer relationship

ease of integration

ease of integration

ensures you are up and running in a matter of weeks

proven platform

proven platform

tried, tested and approved by Divido customers - we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to


how lenders benefit

Increased lending revenue

Neutralise the threat from new market entrants

Diversification of lending portfolio

Reduce risk by using a tried-and-tested solution

Get to market, fast, no need to build in-house

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Divido’s proven, whitelabel retail finance platform gets lenders to market, fast, and ahead of new market entrants. Contact us today to find out how we can help you take advantage of the $1.8 trillion retail finance opportunity.


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