Licence Divido

Licence the Divido technology and focus on your lending

Powered by Divido

Divido is a point of sale credit origination platform for lenders that want to offer end-consumers a new line of credit - instantly, paperless and completely omni-channel. We call it "Powered by Divido".

Join Divido

In addition to licensing Divido under your own brand and offering it to your merchants and end-consumers in multiple markets, you can also join our panel and get access to multinational merchants and intermediaries, and their end-consumers requesting finance.

Why lenders licence Divido

Quick pilots

New to omni-channel point of sale finance or a specific country? Run a tailored pilot to gather real data to inform your business case.

100% ownership

Lenders retain full ownership of their merchants, end-consumers and all associated data, for life.

The Divido features

Omni-channel, multi-country (language, currencies, application journeys, etc.) and syndicate deals with other lenders for higher approval levels.

Full customisation

Every lender is unique which is why every instance of "Powered by Divido" will be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Works with any lender

Divido works with any lender, merchant(like BMW, HTC, Lenovo) and intermediate(like Mastercard, Salesforce, Shopify), across 10 markets in Europe and North America.

How does it work?

Watch Divido's CEO, Christer Holloman explain the platform at LendIt Europe.

What’s in the box?

As a lender you decide what you want from Divido, what you'd like to retain in-house and what third parties, like credit reference agencies and fraud tools, you want Divido to use on your behalf. In short, here's what we offer:

Project Management & Reporting

You’ll be assigned a dedicated team to ensure a smooth onboarding and roll-out.


We can integrate with leading online and offline POS systems, as well as a lender's internal systems.

Finance Product Support

The platform is product agnostic; 0% APR, interest bearing, rate for risk, etc.

Loan Origination

Completely self-serviced by end-consumers.

Customer Application Support

Customer service 24/7/365 and tools to increase conversion rates.

Fraud Prevention

Including ID verification and other checks.

Decision Engine

Create, test and change your credit rules in real time to optimise outcomes.

Document Creation

Required contracts generated automatically and signatures captured electronically.

Deposits Handling

Payments paid straight to the merchant from the end-consumer.

Training & Support

We work with your front line team to provide a superior customer experience.

Loan Servicing

Lenders, merchants and consumers use a self-service tool to track transactions.


The entire journey is documented and recorded to evidence the transaction.

Military Grade Security

Divido will comply with ISO27001, ISO22301 and ISO9001.

Above and beyond

To help lenders get started, Divido can even originate and onboard new retailers for you. Divido can also provide ongoing technical support and customer service to your merchants and end-consumers, in your name. All you have to do is focus on the lending.

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