A checkout finance solution
that connects

At Divido, our mission is to transform retail finance and central to this goal is the seamless connection of lenders, retailers and payment partners.


We work with a wide range of partners; from payment intermediaries to management consultancies, to deliver on this goal.


Our strong and established relationships with the global retail and lending communities, alongside our extensive retail finance knowledge and experience, places us at the top of our field for partners looking to access the high-growth, retail finance opportunity.

Value for your business

Increased lending

Diversification of
lending portfolio

Neutralise the threat from new market entrants

Get to market, fast, no need
to build in-house

Want to know more
about checkout finance?

We connect our payment partners with lenders and retailers to help them access new global markets. Get in touch to learn how you can take advantage of the high-growth, retail finance opportunity.

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