retail finance for retailers

A retail finance platform that connects retailers to

one or more lenders across multiple countries.


for retail finance that consumers want

At Divido, we power the retail finance programmes of some of the world’s leading enterprise retailers.


Rapidly-changing consumer behaviours at the point of sale mean that retailers have had to act fast, while managing increased complexity.


Our proven whitelabel solution places the control back with retailers, ensuring they can own customer journeys and control their brand experience, whilst maintaining complete flexibility over lender management, to deliver retail finance that consumers want.

How retailers work with us

Offer finance to consumers across geographies and channels

The Divido whitelabel solution gives merchants a single retail finance platform to serve all markets and channels. No need for multiple integrations or complex management, the Divido platform can offer a global solution for local markets.

Offer Multi-Lender Financing To Increase Accept Rates

Optimising acceptance rates is a priority for retailers. The Divido whitelabel platform allows
merchants to easily manage multiple lenders via a single platform, giving them the ability to optimise their acceptance rates and retain control of their programme.

Offer Finance To Consumers Using Our Own Balance Sheet

For retailers looking to use their own balance sheet to fund their retail finance programme, the Divido whitelabel platform delivers a fast-to-market solution that works across geographies and channels. Offering customisable customer journeys and multiple finance product capability, retailers can retain control of their brand and retail finance offering.


why retailers work
with us



capability from a single integration, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple platforms

multi-lender functionality

multi-lender functionality

enables optimised acceptance rates



capability allows fast response to changes and control across the entire retail finance journey



solution delivers a seamless brand experience and retains control of your customer relationship

multiple products

multiple products

supported within retail finance, from instalments to revolving credit

proven platform

proven platform

tried, tested and approved by Divido customers - we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to


how retailers benefit

Increased retail finance revenues

Higher acceptance rates through multiple-lenders

Get to market, fast, no need to build in-house

Retain control of brand and customer journey

are you giving your
customers what they want?

As consumers demand new ways to pay, can you be sure your customers are being given the payment options they are looking for?  Get in touch to learn how we can help you increase acceptance rates by giving your customers payment flexibility.


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