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White labelled Financing solution

What is a white labelled financing solution?

A product is ‘white labelled’ if it is made by one company but rebranded and used by another as if it’s their own. A white labelled financing solution is therefore a finance solution made by one company (like Divido) that is sold to merchants (like M&S) and lenders (like HSBC) and used under their own branding. As far as the customer is aware, the merchant and lender are supplying their own solution. The reality is that the merchant and lender are seamlessly integrated to the platform via an API. 

White label financing solutions are ideal for businesses without the time, resources and/or expertise to build their own solution in house.

What are the benefits of a white labelled financing solution?

A white labelled financing solution has specific benefits to both merchants and lenders.


Financial institutions hold a wealth of expertise when it comes to providing credit, but often lack the agility of fintechs who are able to build scalable solutions quickly. Partnering with a tech company that provides a white label financing solution allows lenders to get to market faster than if they were to build the technology in-house. 

A white label financing solution also helps to strengthen the lender’s customer relationships by bolstering their product offering. Adding an additional service provides customers with extra choice, ensuring the lenders remain competitive. 

But above all, a white labelled solution is proven technology. Building in-house carries risk. Buying the tech offsets this risk.


There are three main benefits to a white label financing solution for merchants: brand, control and sales.

On the brand side, a white labelled financing solution protects the merchant’s visual identity. Messaging throughout the application process is consistent with the retailer’s customer journey, which takes place on the merchant’s website. This is opposed to a branded solution, which may transport the merchant’s customer to a third-party website with conflicting messaging. Branded financing solutions also feature competing merchants within their websites and mobile applications. This is not usually a desirable outcome for merchants, who may find themselves in a ‘race to the bottom’ as they compete on price.

With a white labelled solution, merchants retain control, not just over their customer journey, brand and messaging, but over their customer data. This is crucial for merchants looking to optimise and 

How can I implement my own white labelled financing solution?

Onboarding a white labelled financing solution is easy. But first you must find the right provider. Learn more about Divido’s white labelled financing solution one the Divido Hosted Journey page (FAQs).

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