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Tier-one banks and lenders trust Divido to host and actively secure their solutions with our bulletproof processes.


security and hosting

Divido is externally audited and certified to ISO/IEC 27001. We maintain bank-grade security, as defined by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Handbook of Systems and Controls. Tier-one banks rely on Divido to power and securely host their retail finance solutions.


Secure software engineering

Our software is written, tested and deployed in line with the very highest industry best practices. We test for vulnerabilities in the raw code before it ever reaches customer environments, our developers are trained to write defensively to the OWASP top 10 and all staff are trained monthly on a wide range security standards: At Divido we live and breathe security, and we embed it in our business practices and software lifecycle from start to finish.


Data protection
and governance

With an ICO-registered DPO, and our ability to tailor data processing, retention and backup of your data in our cloud to your own requirements, Divido ensures consumer data is handled in compliance with the EU’s GDPR, and other local data regulation as required by lender markets worldwide. We respect your privacy policies and ensure personal information is protected.


Default and enhanced security

Divido offers a rock-solid security solution by default, with all traffic protected by the Akamai cloud and annual penetration tests carried out by Divido security experts, but Divido’s optional Security+ service provides 24/7 SoC reporting and intelligence, anti-fraud technologies and penetration tests carried out by CREST accredited partners.  Find out more about our enhanced security at

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