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HOST: Secure by design

Tier-one banks and lenders trust Divido to host and actively secure their solutions with our bulletproof processes. 

Divido delivers rock solid protection for your retail finance solution by default. Our developers are trained to write defensively to the OWASP top 10, and Divido is externally audited to ISO/IEC 27001 certified every year. Find out more about our enhanced security at

  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified for security
  • ICO-registered Data Protection Officer
  • Restricted management portal access, including Single Sign-On
  • Secure software engineering

Increase protection with Divido Security+

Looking for a step-up in protection? Divido Security+ brings 24/7 security-based monitoring, rapid response, and more. Choose the full package or subscribe to individual features to suit your needs. 


PROTECT: Rapid detection and response

Our MDR and SIEM service, powered by Forta Alert, actively monitors your log sources. If there’s unusual activity it alerts our team so they can prevent attacks before damage is done. 


POLICE: Anti-fraud technology

Mitigate fraud by identifying suspicious users, devices and transactions. TransUnion’s technology also identifies devices hiding behind anonymisation technology. 


TEST: Advanced Penetration Testing

Receive deep insight into how bad actors could try to attack your solution and details of mitigation from Divdo. A CREST and CHECK accredited agency conducts a full penetration test on your solution. 


MONITOR: Platform status analytics

Access a status page that enables you to monitor information about your own endpoints and the performance of your integrations. Plus, view our policies, architecture and security processes. 

Divido Analytics

The analytics you need to give your business the edge. Monitor and improve sales conversions and gain a deep understanding of your customer demographics.


Access bespoke dashboards

Keep track of your business goals with bespoke data dashboards. Access live data in Tableau and on your own analytics platform. As your business evolves, receive new dashboards fast.


Understand customer demographics

Analyse and segment consumers using every demographic data point collected in your application journey. Use data to improve repeat spend and customer acquisition.


Improve sales conversions

Monitor volume and conversion data from every stage in your finance application funnel. Analyse data by sales channel, store, and much more.


Create and share

Easily create reports that you can share with internal and external partners to update them on business performance.

Divido Analytics

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