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Increase UK finance acceptance rates by matching customers with finance plans. Finance Matcher, enabled by Novuna, helps your customers find the right finance option for their circumstances. 

Give customers a second chance for affordable retail finance

Some customers set monthly payments too high by choosing retail finance plans that are too short or deposits that are too low. Finance Matcher can give customers a second chance to choose a plan that best suits their affordability.

More UK finance applications accepted


Works online, in-store, and by phone


Customers understand finance options better


Never suggests a plan that increases merchant costs


How does it work?

Soft credit checks leave no trace


Advanced soft search show if the consumer would be accepted without a full hard credit review.

Boost your acceptance rates, responsibly


Novuna decides the maximum monthly payment amount it can offer consumers. Next, Finance Matcher kicks in to show the consumer plans that they can afford.

Better customer experience


Shoppers are given the option to see affordable options. It’s easy to switch to a plan they may prefer.

Finance Matcher explained

See how Finance Matcher helps you grow sales whilst maintaining high lending standards.

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