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Lender Portal

Everything you need in one place. Manage merchant and consumer relationships in a secure and compliant manner. Seamless workflows for a positive customer experience and reduced staff workload.

Efficiency for customer

Your staff can easily view and manage finance applications as well as send messages, enabling them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Manage applications

Search tools make it easy to find applications. Full information is available, highlighting actions required. Easily change the status or cancel applications, with options configured to fit your business.


Merchant support

Assign actions to merchants and communicate information, such as the need to ship goods or take a deposit from a customer. Simply comment on applications and share with merchants.


Consumer support

Send secure consumer emails directly from the portal using your templates or free text. Maintain a full log of communication history, and record permanent notes on applications.


Efficiency for
sales teams

Quickly onboard and manage merchants with the Divido Lender Portal. Give merchants access to their own Divido Merchant Portal delivering everything they need to adopt your solution fast.

Onboard merchants

Onboard merchants in under two minutes simply by entering their details and assigning finance plans. Merchants immediately receive API keys, support documents and management portal access.


Activate finance plans

After contracting, make new finance plans live at points of sale in under a minute without any engineering work. Simply add new plans to merchant profiles.


Merchant sandboxing

Merchants can easily test their integration before going live, ensuring they launch with confidence.


Efficiency for product management

Launch new finance plans and manage your solution with ease from day one.

Manage user access

Add users and grant access only to the features they need to do their job. Increase platform security with single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

icon groups

Check and manage integrations

View all data communicated via the Merchant API, and webhooks with a handy search tool. Understand what responses are being sent and received.


Launch finance plans

With our flexible templates at your fingertips you can create and release any instalment finance product within minutes. Fully control everything from fees to deposit requirements, and more.


Merchants on the Divido platform have the option to provide checkout finance solutions to customers across Europe

Divido Lender Portal explained

Your web-based management hub that drives efficiencies across your business.

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