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Unlock the potential of embedded retail finance

Powered by Divido gives lenders the full tech stack they need to embed and manage retail finance at any point of sale.

Whitelabel the market leading
tech stack

Divido’s modular platform enables us to deliver market-proven retail finance solutions to your specifications faster with robust management and omnichannel tools.

Key platform


Flexibility and speed to market

With our modular architecture and experienced team, we can seamlessly configure a solution to your specifications faster.


Innovation and upgrades

Our platform model means your solution can receive regular upgrades and innovative new features.


Full whitelabel solution

Everything you need to easily launch and manage a retail finance solution under your brand – APIs, management portals, ecommerce plugins, and more. You’re in control.


Expert consultancy

Proven go-to-market frameworks, plus ongoing strategic and technical support from our unrivalled retail finance experts. We win together.


Speed and performance

10+ transactions per second, 100% cloud uptime and rapid disaster recovery.


Secure hosting and management

Your solution can be cloud hosted on a single or multi tenancy environment backed by our active ISO/IEC 27001 certified security, trusted by tier-one banks.



Finance solutions

Support for any instalment finance product, enabling you to launch a portfolio that meets your customers’ needs.


Merchant tools

Market proven tools enable merchants to adopt and manage your solution at any point of sale.


Management portal

The mature tools you need to grow your finance program with ease, from day one.


Security and compliance

Peace of mind and the ability to serve enterprise merchants with our bank-grade security.


Application modules

Flexible modules enable us to quickly configure your application journeys to deliver seamless experiences for every situation.


Divido Analytics

Improve sales performance and understand customer demographics.


Finance solutions

Launch a portfolio of products to suit your customers.

In control of your products

Launching a new product? Editing a finance plan? You can do it yourself with the Divido Lender Portal. You have full control of every aspect of your finance plans, including repayment periods, maximum loan amounts, fees, and more.


12 month 0% interest

36 month 15.9% interest

Instalment finance

Split purchases into monthly repayments

Quickly launch finance products by setting repayment period, deposit requirements, interest rate, and more. Divido can support any type of instalment finance plan that you may wish to create.


£2,000 credit

12 months to pay

Revolving credit products

Spend from an open credit line

Efficiently onboard consumers to any revolving credit product that you provide, including closed and open loop accounts. Divido already powers a major high street store account.


Pay in 3

Pay in 4

Buy Now Pay Later

Split low-value purchases into small repayments

Launch BNPL products including pay-in-3 and pay-in-4, with full control over details including when to take the first repayment, fees, and more.


Pay nothing this year!

Pay nothing for 6 months

Deferred Payments

Pay nothing for a period of time

Create special promotion products, such as ‘pay nothing for 12 months’. This can be combined with taking a deposit today, so ‘pay £XXX today, and then nothing for X months’.

We were able to access specialist knowledge and a platform that was already connected to multiple ecommerce platforms, leaving us to focus on what we do best – lending


Why should lenders use Divido's embedded lending tech stack?

Powered by Divido gets lenders to market much faster than building a solution in-house. Our tech stack and consumer journeys are cutting edge, so you can offer market-leading experiences from day one. Our platform is modular and built for whitelabel, so we can quickly build to your requirements – anything from a full multi-country solution to simply enhancing existing capabilities.

Can we integrate our existing components?

Yes! Whether you whitelabel our full tech stack or keep components you have already built, our modular platform offers more flexibility to meet your specifications better. Either way, we boost your efficiency with ongoing platform upgrades and secure hosting.

We don’t have retail finance experts and haven’t done this before. Can you help?

Absolutely. Lenders receive their own dedicated Client Success team and strategic advice from our retail experts. We bring you unmatched experience taking tier-one lender solutions to market across the UK, Europe and beyond. Divido has helped lenders secure over 200 new merchant accounts year-on-year, and dominate key verticals in their countries.

Does Powered by Divido support omnichannel finance?

Of course! Our tech-stack gives you all the whitelabel tools you need out-of-box to launch and manage your retail finance solution. Deliver omnichannel finance for any merchant scenario, and give your staff tools to work efficiently.

How long will it take to launch retail finance products with Divido?

You can launch any instalment finance product in as little as six months in any country.

How long does merchant onboarding take?

Technical integrations can be done in around a day with our e-commerce plugins, or merchants can create custom integrations with our easy-to-use Merchant API. Once the integration is complete, merchants can “switch on” finance in new countries without additional development work.

Which finance options can I offer my merchants?

It’s up to you. We support any instalment retail finance product, including pay in instalments, 0% interest and interest-bearing options. Tailor your portfolio to fit your merchants’ needs and add products whenever you like to further refine your offer.

How does whitelabel work?

You get to put your brand on our market-leading tech stack, and we configure it to your requirements. We begin by working with you to scope out your end-to-end solution. We then configure and brand everything from application journeys to management tools and e-commerce plugins. Merchants just see your brand. You’ll be in the safe hands of our experienced retail finance team, who will offer their strategic support and experience.

How do I get started?

Just get in touch! Book a demo or request a callback from our retail finance expert.

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