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Case Studies

Duologi establishes itself as an embedded lending leader with Divido.

Find out how consumer lender Duologi used our Powered by Divido platform to quickly enter the embedded lending market and establish itself as a leader.

Duologi is a UK lender working across several consumer finance sectors. In 2017 Duologi wanted to reach new markets and consumers with an embedded lending offering that could deliver retail finance in physical stores, call centres and retail websites. 

At the time Duologi had lending capabilities but did not have the tech stack to embed retail finance at points of sale, service those applications or manage the merchant lifecycle. Duologi needed an out-of-box tech stack it could whitelabel to its own requirements and use to establish itself as a leader in the space. 

Importantly, this tech stack needed to be easy for staff to adopt and manage and had to connect seamlessly with its existing platforms.

In a fast-moving sector, Duologi had to go from a standing start to offering market leading merchant and consumer experiences that could make it stand out from the competition. Hiring a software house to build a platform as a one-off project was a definite no-go. Duologi needed a SaaS platform that would regularly be upgraded with new features to keep pace with the market and the demand of its customers.

Duologi chose Powered by Divido as the whitelabel platform for its embedded lending business. The platform delivered application journeys, management portals for both Duologi and its merchants, merchant integrations, tech support, plus cloud hosting and ISO 27001 grade security.

Duologi was quickly able to establish itself as a leader in key verticals including home improvement, healthcare and retail by offering competitive products and seamless, high converting journeys with Divido. 

As a cloud-based SaaS platform, Powered by Divido constantly evolves with the market and is regularly upgraded with new capabilities and improvements. It is also built to automatically scale to meet demand, so applications go through without issue even during periods of peak demand.

Dipen says, “The tech support from Divido is very fast and responsive. You raise a ticket and generally before you know it everything is done and dusted. Merchants don’t have any real issues because everything they want is already there.”

With Divido, the lender now delivers embedded lending to its UK customers:

  • Solution live in under six months
  • Full range of finance products available at merchant checkouts
  • Established itself as a leader in key verticals including:
    • Home improvement 
    • Healthcare 
    • Retail

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