What do shoppers think of checkout finance in Europe?

From basket size to favourite sectors, Divido's new white paper explores how consumers are using finance across Europe's major markets – and what they think of it…

Over half of consumers in Europe now say they feel comfortable paying with checkout finance, with six in ten agreeing it can help them manage their finances

On average, six in ten consumers have used checkout finance

What do European consumers think about checkout finance?

Based on a representative survey of 4,000 shoppers in Europe’s major markets – France, Spain, Italy and Germany – Divido has uncovered not only how people are using checkout finance (also known as Buy Now, Pay Later), but what they think of it.


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Where do the opportunities lie?

By analysing the data, Divido has uncovered key demographic splits among checkout finance users across Europe. Download your copy today to learn:


  • How much shoppers are spending with checkout finance, and the factors that determine it
  • The top three sectors for checkout finance in France, Spain, Italy and Germany
  • How many checkout finance users are are open to using it again (it’s more than you might think)
The majority of transactions are under €500
Earners of all incomes use checkout finance

Do customers trust checkout finance?

In other words, do shoppers trust it? 

The outlook seems positive in most countries. 

Checkout finance is second only to credit cards as a form of consumer finance. But there is ground to be made up, particularly in Italy, where credit cards are popular. How can merchants use this to their advantage?

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