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Everything you need to know about Buy Now, Pay Later Regulation

Written by Marketing Team

In response to the demand for more transparent and value-driven credit by millennials and Generation Z, buy now pay later swept the globe, becoming the darling of the payments world.

Fintech startups saw the opportunity and carved out their niche as traditional lenders watched on, unable to compete with the agility and momentum built by these new market entrants.

But is all that about to change? Regulations are no longer a threat but a promise from governments around the world, as, daily, we see headlines calling out irresponsible lending.

In Divido’s Buy-now-pay-later Regulation Report, learn what four key global territories; UK, Europe, US and Australia, are doing in response to these headlines and how the proposal and implementation of these bold new regulations offer opportunities for traditional lenders and enterprise retailers in this, now, volatile space.

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