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Disrupt the disruptors: fintechs – the cuckoo in the nest?

Written by Content Team

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September 9, 2021 at 12:30pm GMT
Disrupt the disruptors: fintechs – the cuckoo in the nest?


  • Joanna Fowler, Head of Credit & Solutions Development, Dixon
  • Tom DeLuca, Global PoS Tribe Lead, ING
  • Jonathan Rogers, Partner, Financial Institutions Advisory Team, White & Case
  • Moderated by Divido founder, Christer Holloman

Disrupt the disruptors

Every sector has been impacted by digital disruptors. Consumers expect more from every experience and disruptors have spotted the opportunities and capitalised on them.

In financial services, fintechs have listened to consumer demands for new ways to pay and reinvented retail finance, accordingly. These disruptors are now taking a share of traditional lenders’ profits as major global banks try to find ways to enter the market.

But as new regulations take hold, globally, and new generations look harder for greater value and transparency when they pay, now is the time for traditional lenders to disrupt these disruptors, get ahead of the curve and claim their share of the $2.5 trillion retail finance opportunity.

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