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Divido Unveils Bold New Brand Identity: Pioneering the Evolution of Retail Finance

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London, 15 January 2024 – Divido, a leading player in the world of retail finance, today announces the launch of its new brand identity, marking a significant step in the company’s journey towards redefining the landscape of retail finance. In an industry marked by constant change, Divido stands committed not only to navigating the currents of transformation but also shaping them for the benefit of its clients.

Shaping the Future of Retail Finance

The rebranding initiative is strategically positioned to propel Divido into a future where retail finance is synonymous with seamless customer experiences, fostering growth for both lenders and merchants. With a purpose of empowering consumers to finance their meaningful moments, Divido’s new brand identity reflects its dedication to innovation, customer-centricity, and overall industry growth.

Distinctive Role in Retail Finance

In an industry often misconstrued as simply Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), Divido distinguishes itself as a retail finance platform provider — a bridge connecting lenders, merchants, and consumers. Unlike traditional lenders or BNPL services, Divido empowers its partners with a whitelabel tech stack, facilitating the swift launch of personalised embedded lending solutions at any checkout.

Building Better Customer Experiences

At the heart of Divido’s journey lies a commitment to enhancing customer experiences in the digital age. Recognising that consumers seek more than just financial transactions, Divido focuses on crafting streamlined lending journeys that lead to higher basket conversions, benefiting both merchants and lenders. The ultimate goal is not just facilitating transactions but creating experiences that foster growth.

Enabling Moments that Matter

Divido’s cutting-edge technology serves as the driving force behind this journey, allowing banks, non-bank lenders, and merchants to offer bespoke retail finance products to their customer base. The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate financial solutions into significant life events, ensuring that consumers can finance their moments that matter.

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity

The new brand identity reflects Divido’s commitment to innovation and growth. The logo, colors, and visual elements embody the dynamic and transformative nature of retail finance. The design language, featuring shape stacks, mirrors the seamless journeys Divido creates and the connections forged between banks, non-bank lenders, and merchants.

What Sets Divido Apart?

1. Whitelabel the Market-Leading Tech Stack:Empowering clients with the most advanced embedded lending tech stack for secure and performant solutions from day one.

2. Seamless Lending Journeys:Focusing on building lending journeys beyond transactions, leading to higher basket conversions, customer loyalty, and sustained revenue growth.

3. Flexible to Enable Speed and Innovation: A highly modular platform with a team   highly experienced at integrating with lender and third party platforms including ID&V services, soft credit checks, and lender-merchant branded credit accounts 

4. Enterprise Expertise: Extensive experience in embedded lending and working with household lending names, making Divido a safe pair of hands for organisations entering embedded lending.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Divido and Retail Finance

As Divido unveils its new brand identity, the company envisions a future where retail finance seamlessly integrates into life’s significant moments, becoming an enabler rather than facilitating a transactional process. 

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About Divido:

Divido Financial Services Ltd. is a London-based financial services company.Divido connects lenders, merchants and consumers at points of sale across Europe to offer checkout finance solutions. Divido’s award-winning, white label technology platform enables merchants to offer checkout finance online and in-store by connecting their customers to an ecosystem of Tier One lenders at the point of sale, all through a single API.

Divido was recognised by Deloitte in 2020 as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK. In June 2021, Divido raised $30 million through Series B funding, led by investors HSBC and ING, to build out its market-leading platform. Divido was named one the top 50 fintech organisations in the UK in the 2022 TechRound FinTech50.

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