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Empowering Retail Finance: Divido’s Journey Towards a Bold New Identity

Written by Helen Aboagye

In the dynamic world of retail finance, the ability to adapt, innovate, and differentiate is key to success. At Divido, we don’t just want to navigate the currents of change; we want to shape them for our clients. 

Our new brand is positioning us for the future, where retail finance is synonymous with seamless experiences, growth for lenders and merchants alike and enabling consumers to finance their moments that matter.

Understanding Divido’s Role

There are lots of players in the retail finance space, which is often incorrectly labelled as just Buy Now, Pay later (BNPL). We all do similar things, often in slightly different ways, so distinctions often blur and misconceptions arise. Fortunately for new entrants into this $300 billion industry, many entrenched issues remain. “Old school” tech stacks completely break down, new BNPL apps hoover up consumer data and cross sell competitors’ products, sub-prime lenders advertise low interest rates only to offer much higher rates. The opportunity is clear, and large.

Divido stands apart as a retail finance platform provider, a bridge that enables lenders to connect with merchants and consumers. We are not a lender, nor are we a BNPL service like Klarna. 

Instead, we empower our partners with a whitelabel tech stack, facilitating the swift launch of their personalised embedded lending solutions at any checkout. 

The Heart of Our Brand: Building Bigger, Better Customer Experiences

At the core of Divido’s rebranding journey lies a commitment to enhancing customer experiences. We recognise that in the digital age, consumers seek more than just financial transactions—they want experiences that deliver. 

Our focus is on building the best lending journeys. Journeys that are not only streamlined but also lead to higher basket conversions, and ultimately the consumer getting what they want or need. But we’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re crafting experiences that foster growth for both merchants and lenders.

We created this short video to summarise this:

Enabling Moments that Matter

Our cutting-edge technology is the engine driving us on this journey.  Divido’s whitelabel tech stack empowers banks to bring their branded embedded lending solutions to market swiftly. For non-bank lenders, our lending modules offer a pathway to enhancing their existing retail finance solutions. Merchants partnering with Divido gain the ability to offer bespoke retail finance products to their customer base.

Moreover, our technology is designed to let consumers finance their moments that matter. Whether it’s a milestone purchase, a dream vacation, or a significant life event, Divido ensures that financial solutions are seamlessly integrated into buying these experiences. We’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re enabling the fulfilment of aspirations.

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity – Bringing Building Better Experiences to Life

As we reposition ourselves in the market, Divido’s new brand identity is a testament to our commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and growth. Our logo, colours, and visual elements reflect the dynamic and transformative nature of retail finance. 

The shape stacks in our design language mirror the seamless journeys we create, the ability to customise and design your retail finance solution with our finance modules and the connections we foster between banks, non-bank lenders, and merchants.

What Sets Us Apart? In a Nutshell

1. Whitelabel the Market-Leading Tech Stack: We empower clients with the most advanced embedded lending tech stack, allowing them to launch solutions that are performant, secure and market proven from day one.

2. Seamless Lending Journeys: Divido focuses on builds lending journeys that go beyond transactions, leading to higher basket conversions, better customer loyalty and sustained revenue growth for merchants and lenders.

3. Flexible to Enable Speed and Innovation: Divido’s platform is highly modular and our team is highly experienced at integrating with lender and third party platforms. Whether it’s ID&V services, soft credit checks or lender-merchant branded credit accounts, we deliver innovative solutions to your requirements faster.  

4. Enterprise Expertise: our extensive experience in embedded lending, and work with household lending names, sets us apart from many other Fintechs. We understand complex enterprise IT infrastructure set-ups like no one else in the market. We are truly a safe pair of hands for any organisation wanting to get into embedded lending.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Divido and Retail Finance

As we unveil our new brand identity, we’re not just redefining Divido; we’re contributing to the evolution of retail finance. The future holds many possibilities. We’re pioneering innovative solutions, and reimagining customer experiences. So, join us on this exciting journey, where retail finance becomes an enabler and a seamless part of life’s most significant moments.

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