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Divido Connect enables finance in UK and Europe via single integration

Written by Marketing Team

In a world first, merchants can now offer retail finance at points of sale across the UK and Europe with just one platform, Divido Connect. Our upgraded UK platform now offers finance capabilities for France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Romania.

This upgrade means you can now quickly enter new markets without integrating and managing different lender solutions for each market, saving you months of engineering work. Divido Connect also makes your business more efficient by providing a single set of retail finance tools plus technical and business support from our expert team.

Connect for Network

Divido is building the world’s first embedded retail finance network, giving your business unmatched reach and resilience. You can access the network with Divido Connect – the orchestration platform used by merchants to embed retail finance at any point of sale.

Divido exclusively partners with reputable lenders, which includes Novuna and Oney, giving you competitive retail finance, while your customers receive responsible in-market care.

Divido Connect delivers interest free finance in all seven countries. 12-month plans are available in Spain and Portugal, with durations up to 10 years in the UK and France. More markets and finance plans will be made available on Divido Connect in the coming months.

Connect for Efficiency

Divido Connect delivers retail finance options for each country via our standard Merchant API. You only need to integrate retail finance once at the global level for your webstore, in-store and telesales point of sale systems.

Save months of engineering work compared to integrating with separate lender systems for each market and managing different platforms. 

You can also centralise support for all countries under one set of management tools. A single support manager can use the Divido Merchant Portal tool to keep track of finance applications across the UK and Europe. Quickly find applications, and take action, including cancelling and refunding applications, and much more. 

Your sales staff can use the Divido Merchant Portal on devices such as tablets to take retail finance payments in-store or by telesales. It takes under a minute to initiate new applications. Using one platform makes it much more efficient to get staff up to speed and maintain your solution.

Connect for Control

After adopting Divido Connect, you can easily add retail finance plans and lenders without the need for additional integrations. Finance plans will be made available to you via your existing Merchant API connection and Divido Merchant Portal when you contract with a Divido Network lender.

At Divido we choose not to be a consumer facing brand, so you enjoy full brand flexibility. Divido Connect, which includes ecommerce tools like the Divido Calculator, is designed to be whitelabelled. You can brand and design your buyer journey using our Merchant API to best support your business goals.

Large merchants and enterprise customers can create their own retail finance payment brands and fresh experiences. Whether it’s a simple integration, or you want to build something bigger, our team is here to make it happen for you.

Find out more about Divido Connect. 

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