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Split Capability adds flexibility to multi-lender retail finance

Written by Jonathan Axup

Divido brings Split Capability to our flagship Divido Connect retail finance platform for merchants. This innovative feature enables merchants to easily manage how they split product verticals and sales channels between different lenders using the Divido Merchant Portal.

Large merchants previously struggled to offer the right retail finance on all their products and sales channels with a single lender. Lenders may also change their lending appetite for certain products, so access to multiple lenders through Divido Connect increases business resilience for retailers.

With Divido Connect Split Capability, merchants support a wider range of product verticals by connecting with more than one lender through a single Divido API. Merchants also gain extra business resilience in case lender appetite changes for a specific product vertical.

The UK’s most well known smart home systems installer uses Divido Connect to offer finance across all its product line including boilers, air conditioning and solar panels. It was able to do this with Divido by splitting products between lenders who wanted to lend on each vertical. Previously, this well known brand could not find one lender who could cover all verticals.

Using the Divido Merchant Portal, merchants can view and edit which finance plans are available per product vertical and sales channel.

“Divido continues to build out capabilities for our unique multi-lender platform. In a win for merchants growing overseas, Divdo Connect this year became the only platform to deliver retail finance in the UK and across Europe,” said Todd Latham, CEO Divido.
“With our recent launch of Split Capability we are delivering the flexibility that large and enterprise merchants tell us they need.”

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