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Analytics Capability helps clients improve retail finance sales

Written by Jonathan Axup

Lenders and merchants rely on analytics to improve their business performance, including customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and much more. But retail finance solutions like BNPL apps usually take control of consumer data and give very little back, making it difficult to drive change. 

Divido Analytics is the tailored business intelligence capability now available to clients using flagship platforms, Powered by Divido for lenders and Divido Connect for merchants

The capability delivers up to 30 curated Tableau dashboards, designed to track and analyse every aspect of retail finance including application funnel conversions, finance plan performance and much more. Every business has its own way of understanding data; different timeframes, different people who use data, and unique project metrics. For that reason, Divido Analytics dashboards are highly customised for clients during onboarding.

Divido Analytics provides rich consumer demographic data, comprising everything collected in the finance application journey, including age, income bracket, number of dependents, and more. This aggregated data is fully GDPR compliant, and enables clients to really drill down into the consumers they are acquiring and through what channels. It’s a game changer for data-driven organisations wanting to drive efficiencies and better allocate resources.

Already used by a leading Nordics Bank and a well known British high street giant, Divido Analytics is putting data behind retail finance decisions. In the Nordics, a regulatory change meant the lender had to change its journey. Divido Analytics enabled them to A/B test changes and improve conversion rates. For the retailer, they are able to keep an eye on and improve conversions using analytics.

Giving merchants and lenders an extra level of control over their data, Divido Analytics is compatible with any analytics platform. Live data can be accessed in SAP Analytics Cloud or Power BI, for example, to combine intelligence with other sales data. 

Contact us today to understand how data can improve your business performance and give you a deeper understanding of your customers.

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