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May 18, 2022 at 12:30pm GMT
BNPL Rebirth: how the forthcoming regulatory changes will benefit the sector

Panel members:


  • Toby McCrindle – Head of Legal and Compliance, Divido
  • Sulabh Agarwal – Managing Director, Global Head of Payments, Accenture
  • Charlie Mercer –  Head of Economic Policy, Coalition for Digital Economy 


What you’ll learn:


Learn more about forthcoming regulatory changes that will be impacting the BNPL/Retail Finance sector in the coming months ahead. In this session we discuss:


  • What types of regulation will likely be introduced into the sector
  • How the proposed regulations could be better tailored to the BNPL sector in order to maximise the positive impact for consumers and BNPL providers alike

  • What changes merchants and lenders will need to make to adapt to this new legislation
  • The benefits regulation will bring to the wider sector and consumers
  • What the future holds for the retail finance sector following the introduction of tighter regulation
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May 18, 2022